Terms and conditions of SSEF report

Once verified on, only the SSEF report with the valid original signatures, embossed stamps and Prooftag label affixed on to the surface of the laminated SSEF report is a valid document.

This SSEF report is established in accordance with recognised international criteria. The designations of gemstones or pearls are based on the rules decided by CIBJO and supported by ICA. Testing is carried out by at least two experts, using recognised scientific testing methods and modern analytical instruments.

We express an opinion on a gemstone's or pearl's authenticity, possible treatment, and origin if the properties of the item(s) allow us to do so based on established gemmological knowledge, and our current scientific research. For this purpose, internal features, as well as chemical and physical characteristics are examined and evaluated through comparison. Because of the fact that common properties occur in many gemstones, determination of origin is not always possible. For set items, all results are expressed as far as the setting permits.

For enhancement of gemstones fissures are often filled with colourless substances.

This report is in no way a statement of the monetary value or quality of the item(s) examined.

Once verified on, only the report with valid original signatures, embossed stamp and Prooftag label is a valid document for the described item(s). Misuse of this document will be legally prosecuted. The place of jurisdiction is Basel, Switzerland.

The Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF is the executive, independent and public arm of the Swiss Foundation for Research of Gemstones -
SSEF (Aeschengraben 26, CH-4051 Basel, Switzerland).